LOUISIANA BLOOD began life as a screenplay. It won or was placed in over 25 competitions, was performed on stage and gained me the offer of representation in LA with Anonymous Content. It was set up as part of a huge Canadian Film fund and producers came and went. A few years on and I decided that the story was too good to remain an un-produced screenplay and so with the backing of many hundred followers and the support of my family it was reborn as a novel. But how did the idea first surface…?

Forget everything you’ve ever read about Jack The Ripper…he never existed!

Let me start by explaining why I wrote this story. I’ve always been into conspiracy theories, after all history has taught us that there’s usually always a hidden agenda behind the big story, and sooner or later, the real story will come out. I looked at the mythology of one of the greatest serial killers in England, and possibly the world…not because of the scale of his activities…but rather the timing of his arrival.

I’m talking about JACK THE RIPPER, his actions were the catalyst for a huge amount of change within the world, and the case had an impact on many areas, Prostitution, the birth of the tabloid press, major development in the east end of London, a massive shake up in the police department and a new focus on forensics, not to mention the political shake up within the royal family and the sacking of the police commissioner…in short, a whole lot of people and organisations were never going to be the same…and while I’m reading about this, I’m thinking…what if that was what this was about? What if JACK THE RIPPER never existed?

I wanted to write an epic conspiracy thriller as an alternate history novel, linking the conspiracy of London in 1888 with a contemporary thriller in Louisiana, something with the imaginative duplicity of MISSION IMPOSSIBLE and the artifice of THE PRESTIGE.

And so LOUISIANA BLOOD was born:

CHANDLER TRAVIS, a London Detective recovering from injuries sustained during the terrorist bombings of 2007, works as an archivist and lecturer in the BLACK MUSEUM at New Scotland yard. His obsession to uncover the real identity of Jack The Ripper continues a family tradition stretching back to his great grandfather, a newspaper reporter at the time of the Ripper killings.

He’s even writing a book, the problem is, he doesn’t have an ending…well not yet anyway. So when he learns that a coach, buried in a LOUISIANA swamp for over a century has been unearthed containing five female corpses a diary and some letters from one DR FRANCIS J TUMBLETY, a key Ripper suspect, he gets the first flight out.

When he joins the investigation headed up by DUKE LANOIX, a local sheriff, things start to get complicated…local governor ROMAN BLACKBURN seems hell bent on shutting their investigation down, and is prepared to go to any lengths to stop them. Despite attempts on their lives and the destruction of their evidence, they close in on the truth.

But Governor Blackburn has his own agenda…and it doesn’t include their survival!

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Awards for the adapted screenplay.

Prince Edward Island Film Festival. Winner best screenplay and audience award.

Scriptapalooza (Semi-finalist)
Golden brad – Finalist Table Read (First Place)
The Greenlight.Com Monthly (First Place)
WriteMovies (Second Place)Movie Script/Feature (Finalist)
PAGE International (Quarterfinalist)
Honolulu Film festival(Finalist)
Omaha Film Festival (Finalist)
Writers Network Screenplay & Fiction Competition(Semi-finalist)
StoryPros Awards (Quarterfinalist)
BlueCat Contest(Quarterfinalist)
Creative World (Honourable Mention)
All Access(Semi-finalist)
Scriptshark Insider (Semi-finalist)
Scriptshadow (Honourable Mention)
FilmMakers/Feature (Quarterfinalist)

                                                              BOOK REVIEWS

Having recently retired I have the time to indulge myself and read some really good novels. Having been focusing on science and technical books for decades, I have been looking forward to reading something creative. I’ve been sadly disappointed by the mix of Booker winning, Nobel prize winning and best selling (over a hundred million sold) authors that frankly bored the pants off me but was saved by ‘Louisiana Blood’. Perhaps we should nominate Mr Donald for one of these prizes? The book was truly enjoyable to read and combines great imagination with a fresh and lean writing style. I hope I get to ‘Louisiana Blood’ on the screen before ‘Bruges Blood’ is published and look forward to both.


Forget everything you know about Jack the Ripper – he never existed. His story was merely a shady cover up cloaking one of the biggest conspiracies of the 19th century. Mike Donald’s story brilliantly blends the dank streets of Victorian London with the vibrancy and heat of the modern day Louisiana swampland to craft a tale that is both thrilling and believable. Oil money, voodoo, murder, medical experiments and a world striding conspiracy all combine to make Louisiana Blood an epic mystery thriller wrapped in a shroud of alternate history unlike anything you’ve read before.


I spent this weekend riveted by Louisiana Blood; my husband had to put up with many (polite!) exclamations as I got more and more involved in this thrilling story – so exciting! Can’t wait for the next Chandler Travis and Duke Lanoix adventure!


The great thing about Jack the Ripper is that nobody knows the truth, so it is possible to write anything you like about him. Mike Donald has done just that. He has taken some enormous liberties with the known facts, but who cares? This is fiction at it best. He has come up with an absolutely corking plot which grabs the attention from the start and should satisfy any lover of this prototypical Victorian mystery. If somebody doesn’t snap up Louisiana Blood and turn it into a movie, there is no justice.


Wow! A conspiracy thriller. A love story. A great yarn. Fast paced and saturated with characters I loved and despised! Historical and contemporary facts threaded through the eye of the Ripper story pulled me into the drama and left me spellbound. Read this remarkable work now… and be glad that there’s a sequel in the works!


A real page turner that throws you from present day Louisiana to the smog filled streets of Victorian London. The author keeps you gripped, whichever time line you’re in, and slowly but surely the mystery unravels. Can highly recommend and advise you buy now before the film is made – which should certainly happen.


Mike Donald delivers an exciting and super creepy horror mystery that will continuously leave you on the edge of your seat. A real page turner that takes your imagination hostage…in a good way



I found it hard to put this book down and was instantly hooked from the start. The descriptions of the characters and places were so vivid and real and the story so cleverly interwoven across the two time periods. It is evident that the work has been thoroughly researched and this adds to the enjoyment when reading. This is a conspiracy theory that leaves you wondering! Can’t wait for the next work from Mike.

Collette Carmichael